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Carlo & Hyds : Finally :)

A guest in this wedding and not the official photographer 🙂 because there were hmmmm at least 10 photographers not to mention many of them were Philippines best wedding photographers 🙂 you see Carlo and Hyds are wedding photographers too and were all just friends wanting to get a nice shot for the two 🙂

it was a fun relaxed day 🙂 the beauty of beach weddings, it just goes and flows which innately becomes beautiful 🙂

here are some of my snapshots during the wedding 🙂


finally because they were once enemies. finally because they found what love is in each other and finally…just because 😀

kids new playground

the new playground 🙂 more and more kids are liking the idea of a photo shoot. A break from their usual playtime, they doll up or pogi-fy themselves, ready for the camera. I like kids, they’re always game to have fun regardless of their clothes or who they’re with. well unless their parents give them the “stink” eye haha

running around, up and down, sweaty clothes…i myself felt like a kid while shooting them!! woooh!!

Playmates: Nika, Pauline, Enzo, Justine, Kite and Laya 🙂

Big Kids next door : Toto Villaruel, Erron Ocampo, Jesy Alto-Ocampo, Adam Alto, Ian Santillan & Jayson Arquiza